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455th Bombardment Group (H)

2009 455th BG Reunion


Twenty Veterans of the 455th were able to attend this year

Standing L-R: Don Martens, Tony Corsello, Warren Kraeuter, Joseph Abondondello, Stan Vogelfang, Carl Straka, Robert Emick, Ted Tronoff, William M. Doyle, Carl A. Barr, Russell Crocker, Carl Loiocano

Seated L-R: John Davis, Ormond Buffington, Rod Clarke, William Doyle, Frank Hossimer, Charles Rosenberg, Seymore Gaynes, Ed Riggs


Sixteen Beautiful Ladies

Seated L-R: Eleanor Emick, Marie Buffington, Marion Clarke, Katie Spewock, Margaret Doyle, Pat Doyle, Barbara Straka, Mary Rosenberg

Standing L-R: Jean Loiocano, Celine Kraeuter, Jane Davis, Fern Martens, Jane Tronoff, Nancy Hossimer, Ginny Corsello, Jeanne Vogelfang

William & Pat Doyle
William & Margaret Doyle
Russell & Janet Crocker
Straka, Loiocano, Barr
Carl Straka, Carl Loiocano, Carl Barr
Don Martens
Charles Rosenberg

Ormond Buffington with four lovely ladies of his family

Daughter-in-law, Jessica Flanagan; Daughter, Laura Flanagan; Marie, Granddaughter, Johnna Flanagan (Jessica's daughter)

Summerfield & Haley
Julie Summerfield and Rob Haley

The bus is loaded for the City Tour on Saturday morning.

On the left side: John Roher, John & Jane Davis, Ted & Jane Tronoff, Bill & Pat Doyle, Carl Loiocano and others not identifiable. On the right side: Bill & Margaret Doyle, Russell & Janet Crocker, Frank Hossimer (face is hidden), Carl & Barbara Straka, rest not identifiable

Katie Spewock with her son Mike & Theodora at the Saturday Banquet
Seymore "Sy" Gaynes (bad focus)
Marc Gaynes
Tony Corsello had some great art work on the back of his leather jacket.
Tony Corsello had some great art work on the back of his leather jacket.

John Rohrer

John is son of the late Carl Rohrer of the 740th.

He has done an uncanny amount of research on the 455th, compiling a list of nearly 5,000 names of persons who were at one time in the Group. Nearly all have been identified by rank, time of service, squadron, position. Most of the Aircrews have been identified. Aircraft numbers, their names and ultimate disposition. All the records have been manually entered into computer files which he brought and shared in the hospitality room

Hospitality Room
On the last night a crowd gathered in the hospitality room where John is seen in the corner talking with Carl Straka.