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455th Bombardment Group (H)

2008 455th BG Reunion


455th Air Expeditionary Wing

The 455th Air Expeditionary Wing, headquartered at Bagram Air Field, is comprised of about 4,000 Airmen, based throughout Afghanistan combating terrorism and helping build a better future for Afghans. The wing consists of six primary groups - the Expeditionary Operations Group, Expeditionary Mission Support Group, Expeditionary Maintenance Group, Expeditionary Medical Group, 755th Air Expeditionary Group and 451st Air Expeditionary Group based out of Kandahar. The wing's primary mission is to support the Global War on Terror by providing aerial support for U.S. and Coalition forces on the ground in Operation Enduring Freedom.

NOTE:  This is the wing which our Guest Speaker Colonel Nelson had commanded.

Guest Speaker Colonel Nelson

As an appreciation gift to Colonel Nelson President Rod Clarke presented a copy of Stephen Ambrose's book "The Wild Blue," autographed by most of the veterans attending.

Robert "Bob" & Eleanor Emick of 741st Bomb Squadron
Russell & Janet Crocker of 742nd Bomb Squadron
John Smoot entertained with piano music on the keyboard.  He performed in the hospitality room each night - including after the Saturday Banquet.
Past President Ed Riggs of 740th Bomb Squadron
Corsello & Vogelfang
Tony Corsello with Stan & Mrs. Vogelfang of 741st Bomb Squadron
Hospitality Room
Round table discussion in the Hospitality Room
Barr, Summerfield & Riggs
Carl Barr (743rd Bomb Sqdn), Julie Summerfield (daughter of the late Walter Summerfield, 743rd Bomb Sqdn), and Ed Riggs  of 740th Bomb Sqdn
Nelson at Banquet
Colonel Eric Nelson is stationed in Eglin AFB, FL.  He has served as the commander of the 455th Expeditionaary Wing.  He spoke to us about some of the missions performed by that organization in Afghanistan supporting the War on Terror.
Charles VanDoren (right) with his family group of four generations; his son, grandson, and great granddaughter.
Haley, Summerfield & Barr
Rob Haley & Julie Summerfield with Carl Barr.  We had finished breakfast, checked out of the hotel, and were ready to depart for home
Next Generation
Twenty-five members of the next generations